Rogue Raiders Recruitment Letter

Greetings Capsuleer! My name is Aerin Schneider and I am the Public Relations Director and Official Recruitment Officer of the Rogue Raiders Corporation.

The Rogue Raiders Corporation was founded by experienced pilots to have fun and for all involved to play as a team whilst allowing players to do their own thing. Our leaders are old time veteran pilots who has  returned to New Eden and has decided to build a Corporation from the ground up.

At present, we are running NPC missions to increase our Corporation standings with the Caldari Navy Faction to be able to install and use Jump Clones. This will ensure that any valuable implants installed will not go to waste in an event of NPC / PVP combat situations. From here on we will look into other income possibilities that will be mutually beneficial between yourself and the corporation as a whole.

Our current and future Objectives are as follows:
  • Training a highly / elite militarized pilot group to support our future economy i.e. group of manufacturers and traders.
  • Wormhole Explorations.
  • Running Missions and Salvaging.
  • Low-Sec and Null-Sec as future income possibilities.
  • We also welcome and encourage semi-rp players for added gaming entertainment experience. Although this is not required, all Corporation activities will be recorded on our archives to help us build our own backstory.
We also acknowledge that everyone has real life responsibilities and therefore DOES NOT force any in-game activities on anyone. All we ask is that you play nicely with your corpmates and in general just have a good time.

We are currently recruiting all kinds of Pilots, old and new to join us and share your experience with us here in New Eden.

If you think we are the right Corporation for you, please feel free to join our public channel called "Harbor" and we will be more than happy to assist and answer any of your questions. We are also open for any other suggestions you may have to maximize your gameplay experience.

Your game. Our Story. 

To join our Public Channel : Harbor (On your Chat Window, click the chat bubble to open up channels and type in the name of our public channel and click join).

To join our Corporation : Check our Corporation info and hit the "Apply To join" button.

Best Of Luck,
Aerin Schneider
PR | Recruitment Officer Of Rogue Raiders Corporation